Our story


The visionary team behind TSCH — organically growing from its modern culture-inspired roots — is a creative duo of Thomas Schlosser and Sergey Che. United by their passion for contemporary art, design and urban subculture they started off creating everyday clothing eventually deciding to branch out their own brand.



The brand's mission goes well beyond producing high-quality and practical clothing. TSCH aims to immerse a wider audience of young fashion- enthusiasts into the existing world of modern artists and cultural events offering alternative views on modern culture.



The TSCH’s global goal is to gather like-minded groups of artists, DJs and multidisciplinary creatives together to spread their message not just by wearing designs, but also through an all- encompassing lifestyle.


Advisory board

Наша задача заключается в постоянном развитии, однако это сложно сделать в одиночку. Поэтому мы создали Advisory board, члены которого делится своим уникальным видением, направляют и помогают команде становится лучше.

+7 (999) 974-95-18

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